Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Age of Constantine. The-Founding of Constantinople

Constantinople was founded by the Roman emperor Constantine I on the site of an already existing city, Byzantium, settled in the early days of Greek colonial expansion, probably around 671-662 BC. The site lay astride the land route from Europe to Asia and the seaway from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and had in the Golden Horn an excellent and spacious harbour.

The Roman Empire grew to enormous proportions. It was huge! It covered most of Europe, most of North Africa, and some of Asia. That created problems.

One problem was that it was getting difficult to manage the empire effectively. Rome seemed very far away to the people in the provinces.The Empire was divided :

  • The Western Roman Empire (Europe/North Africa) included the city of Rome.
  • The Eastern Roman Empire (Turkey/parts of Asia) included the city of Byzantium
TAREA: Busca información sobre la Fundación de Constantinopla, donde se localizó y que es lo más destacable en la antiguedad sobre esta ciudad

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