Thursday, 1 October 2009

Justinian Code

Justinian Code
Some of the events leading to the Roman Empire's collapse were civil war, corruption, and foreign invasions that began in A.D. 161 which left the empire weak. Several emperors tried to prevent the collapse by dividing the empire into smaller regions.. Foreign invaders quickly overran the western part of the empire while the eastern half survived as the Byzantine Empire. Roman legal traditions survived through the efforts of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who had Roman law organized into the Justinian Code.

In A.D. 528 the Emperor Justinian began a review of the old Roman laws. There were thousands of Roman laws that ordered life in the empire. The most famous which were reviewed were called the Twelve Tables. These tables assured that all citizens had a right to the protection of the laws. Nearly 1,000 years later, Emperor Justinian chose ten men to review 1,600 books full of Roman Law and create a simpler legal code. These men were able to create the Justinian Code with just over 4,000 laws.

Here you can see the Justinian Code.

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