Sunday, 6 December 2009

Meaning of word Unit 1

1. Allah- Islamic God.

2. Byzantine Empire- The new name of the Eastern Roman empire. Its capital was Constantinople.

3. Carolingian Empire- Empire founded by Charlemagne when in the 800 was crowned new Emperor of West.

4. Germanic - Tribes that they lived in the north of the roman empire. This tribes invaded West Roman empire and this disappeared

5. Hegira-This date marks the start of the Muslim calendar. It is when Muhammad moved to Medina in 622.

6. Islam- A new religion made from Muhammad.

7. Justinian Code- It modernised the Roman law.

8. Mosaics- style of painting was made with little pieces of stone, glass, …which covered the walls and ceilings of churches and palaces.

9. Monotheistic- they only believe in one god.

10. Ramadan- It's a month in the Islamic calendar where the Muslims have to fast.

11. Huns- one of the Barbarians tribes who attacked the Roman empire, also they attacked the Visigoths in the 4th century.

12. Basileus- He is the emperor in the East Empire. He had great power. He commanded the army and government, and he was also religious leader.

13. Byzantine Orthodox Church- It's a religion like the Catholic but in the Eastern Europe.

14. East-West Schism-It's the separation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Orthodox Church.

15. Icons-They are holy images that they were in the churches.

16. Treaty of Verdun- It’s a treaty which confirmed the division of the Carolingian Empire

17. Missi dominici- also called messengers, they check on local affairs, and ensure that the system of government was functioning properly in the Charlemagne Empire .

18. Counties- name by the administrative units in which Charlemagne divided his empire

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