Monday, 15 February 2010

Vocabulary: Unit-4

Unit-4 Vocabulary:

  1. Christianity- Christianity was the main religion in Europe, during the Middle Ages.
  2. Christendom- The Christian territories became known as Christendom.
  3. Pilgrimage- The Christianity men have to make a pilgrimage to a holy place. In this way, they could obtain eternal life. Christians had to go too to church and pry every day. They had to fast during Lent, attend confession, receive communion and, if possible.
  4. Crusades- Was military expeditions, organised by the Pope and the European Kings, to take the Holy Land from the Muslims.
  5. Tithe- It was a special tax that the peasants also have to pay, which was a tenth of their harvest.
  6. Barrel vaults- - Kind of vault used by the architects based on the semicircular arch Roman.
  7. Apse. Place in the Catholic Church, at the top, with a semicircular shape
  8. Buttress- Were thick pillars outdoor of the cathedral.
  9. Ambulatory- Was one corridor in the apse, the people look round of the cathedral altar.
  10. Transept- The shorter arms in the plant of catholic church
  11. Lent- The date when the Christians had to fast was called Lent.
  12. Altarpieces- Panels of paintings which was used on altars in them were shown the lives of saints and martyrs.
  13. Miniatures- Were small paintings which illustrated bibles and manuscripts.
  14. Mural Painting- Kind of painting which was common on walls, especially in the main apse near the altar.
  15. Panel painting- Kind of painting which was used on altars and small altarpieces, The lives of saints and martyrs were shown.
  16. Convents- Place where lived the new religious orders when they were started by friars, in the cities.
  17. University- Place created when kings and burghers had needed educate his sons, in the Middle Age.
  18. Gargoyles- Kind of sculptures which were sculpted on the top outside of cathedrals.
  19. Stained glass-The windows were made of stained glass (Gothic cathedral).
  20. Pointed arches-Kind of arch used in the Gothic cathedral
  21. Rib vault- Kind of vaults used in the Gothic cathedral
  22. Flying buttress-The weight of the rib vault did not rest on the walls, but on the pillars inside the cathedral and on the flying buttresses outside.
  23. Rose windows- Name for one kind of circular window that were made of stained glass, in the cathedral
  24. Latin cross- Type of plant of the Catholic cathedral building.
  25. Side aisles- In the Latin cross of the Gothic cathedral was at side of central nave.
  26. Capitel-Were decorated with religious themes and with a portrait of the dead person.
  27. Pinnacle- Decorative element which is the final of one buttress

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